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Eugenia Otilia Mariana PAUL

Dr. V. M., MSOM., L.Ac.,

BS Chemistry Biology.,

BS Nutrition


I am Eugenia aka Mariana, a holistic practitioner, who has grown into medical specialties since 1984, and I am dedicated to helping my patients find "radiant health and well- being."

Working as a medical researcher in the medical field for 35 years and understanding a wide range of medical disciplines, allows me to integrate the wisdom of ancient healing, with the most recent innovations in scientific research.

This dynamic blend has enabled me to help my patients in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Acupuncture, Herbs and TCM Nutrition are the tools I utilize to allow the body to heal itself and find its way back to balance.

During my training in Oriental Medicine, I've completed a course at the Institute for Inner Studies in Pranic Healing, with Master CHOA KOK SUI.

I am fluent in Romanian, English and German.

My hobbies include: research, reading, traveling, singing, gardening, cooking, decorating, biking and sailing.

MY PERSONAL JOURNEY began in Transylvania-ROMANIA, where I was born in a christian family with strong spiritual values.

As a child, I was fascinated by the powerful words of gospel songs, that my mom use to sing, and later on in my life, they guided me many times on my pathway. At young age I've learned about miracles and the wonderful power of healing through prayers, and I have witnessed it many times.

Discipline and diligent work, were rules that my father set up in the family, and they helped me acomplished many goals in my life.

I graduated the High School “ Emanuil Gojdu” Oradea City, in 1979, obtaining a Bachelor in Science of Chemistry-Biology. After that I was pursuing five year degree at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Timisoara City, Romania. I've earned the Diploma of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, in September of 1984 and two years later, after I completed my residency in 1986, I was involved in Medical Research for Sanitary Veterinary Inspectorate in Oradea City. My major interests were in Hystopathology, Serology,Food Control, Parasitic and Necropsic Diagnosis.

I moved in Austria in 1990, as Romania was a comunist country, and a few years later, in 1993 I relocated in USA-Milwaukee, WI following my family.

In November of 1993, my academic evaluation performed by IEE showed a fully equivalent of the U.S.A. Master of Science degree with a specialization in Animal/Veterinary Science.

For over 10 years I worked as a Medical Researcher for Hausmann-McNally attorneys, helping with Silicone Breast Implants Class action cases, Spinal surgeries with devices and pedicle screws cases,and Medical malpractice cases.

Why Oriental Medicine?

At some point in time about 7 years after I moved to the USA, I was struggling with digestive health issues, and after 4 years of testing, with no conclusive results, a dear friend of mine from Laos, adviced me to try Acupuncture and chinese herbs.

As I already exhausted most of my western medicine resources, I had nothing to loose, therefore I tried Acupuncture, and Surprise: It Worked!

Whithin 6 months of treatment, my health condition gradually improved, and at that point I was so fascinated with the progress I've made, that I wanted to learn more about this amazing ancient medicine, that was so new to me.

After doing my research, I enrolled as a student at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Racine, Wisconsin and 4 years later,I graduated with academic award of "Magna Cum Laude"obtaining a combined degree of Bachelor in Science of Chinese Nutrition, Licensed Acupuncturist and Master in Science of Oriental Medicine.

Eugenia Otilia Mariana PAUL is the founder of "Blue Lotus" Acupuncture Clinic. She specializes in anti-aging, cosmetic acupuncture, digestive ailments, fertility, migraine/headaches, pain management, sport injuries/trauma and stress relief. She is committed to the highest quality of natural health care.

"BLUE LOTUS" Acupuncture Clinic


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