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"Life is so precious to all of us and was given as a Gift- free of charge. What we do with this extraordinary Gift, has direct consequences on every aspect of our life."

-Eugenia Paul


















What is Anti-Aging Medicine?

"It is man himself, and he who abuses himself dies young, while he who takes good care of himself enjoys a long life". Gan Lian, Ming dynasty

Anti-Aging Tonics

Tonics promote a long, healthy, vibrant and happy life without any unwanted side effects, even when taken over a long period of time. Essentially, the tonics are wonderful, healthful "super-food" which benefit our well being in ways that more common foods cannot.

Moreover, they have a protective, balancing, vitalizing quality beyond that of any other herbs. They are generally consumed as a supplement to a well-balanced healthy diet for the purpose of completing our nutritional needs There are six categories of tonic: Jing tonic, Yin tonics, Yang Tonics, Qi tonics, Blood tonics and Shen tonics.

Jing Tonics are used to replace spent energy, and to build up large reserves for future use. Jing is closely associated with our genetic material and is responsible for cellular replication. Thus Jing is associated with regeneration, rejuvenation and the preservation of life. These tonics consist of special tonic herbs that fortify Jing.

Yin Tonics nourish the fluids of the body. Yin energy is generally condensed and stored in all of the tissues of the body, but most extensively in the major solid organs, and most particularly in the reproductive organs, the brain, the adrenal glands, the ears, the hair on the head, the skeleton, the teeth and the bone marrow. Yin Tonics nurture these organs and functions The Yin tonics are usually associated with the preservation of life and many of them are considered in the Orient to be the most important "anti-aging, longevity herbs."

Yang Tonics are the power herbs of Chinese herbalism, and like the Yin tonics, primarily affect the function of the Kidneys. Yang tonics have a "warm" or "hot" energy. They are believed in China to help build will power, courage, mental creativity and the ability to manifest one's ideas. Certain Yang tonic herbs strengthen sexual function and the sexual drive. All Yang tonics build strength and are thus favorites of athletes. Yang herbs are also used to stimulate metabolism, build muscle and reduce body fat. They strengthen bone, and are especially renowned for helping to strengthen the back (particularly the lower back), knees and joints.

Qi Tonics increase the amount, and improve the quality, of our energy and blood. This increase in energy and blood results in an overall increase in physical and mental vitality.

Blood Tonics nourish the blood and help the body to utilize nutrients so as to function optimally. They help build muscle and increase energy. Blood nourishes all the tissues of the body and provides the key means of distribution of nutrients, hormones and immune cells throughout the body. Blood tonics also benefit the quality and beauty of the skin. Women, who are often deficient in blood, benefit greatly by regularly consuming blood tonics. Some blood tonic herbs also have "blood vitalizing" activity, improving blood circulation.

Shen Tonics allow for the development of Shen, our Spirit. There are two qualities of Shen tonic herbs: Shen "stabilizing" and Shen "developing". The Shen stabilizing tonics calm and stabilize the emotions so that Shen (our higher-self) can develop and rule our lives. The Shen developing tonics cause the Shen to rise up and to become prominent in our experience. The emotions are thus allowed to play themselves out, but not to dominate our lives and become obsessions or even addictions. In general, all Shen tonics have both Shen stabilizing and Shen developing qualities, to varying degrees.

Shen tonics have been used by the great sages of the Orient to help in their quest for enlightenment and harmony with God, Nature and all of Mankind.

What is Cosmetic Acupuncture or Facial Rejuvenation ?

The Chinese have known for thousands of years that the root of health and beauty comes from the inside. Acupuncture has been used to treat people for thousands of years. It is understood that cosmetic acupuncture was practiced within Chinese Royalty to enhance their appearance even as they aged. In recent years, cosmetic acupuncture has enthused North America. Raising interest in a natural way to rejuvenate the face. As a result, researchers examined the effects of Cosmetic Acupuncture. In 1996, a report in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture stated that among 300 people treated with Facial Acupuncture, 90% had marked effects after one course of treatment. The effects were improvement of the elasticity of facial muscles, smoothing of wrinkles, brighter complexion and overall rejuvenation. Those not familiar with the concept of Chinese Medicine, should agree, that it is sensible to examine the cause of a condition, in this case, the skin, and formulate a treatment plan that addresses more than just the skin surface.

Treatment Plan

Very fine, disposable acupuncture needles are gently placed in the face to stimulate and increase the local production of collagen and elastin which strengthen the structure of the skin. The result is a general contraction of facial tissue producing a smoother, firmer appearance. In addition, there is increased circulation of blood and lymph, improving the complexion.

Based on the principles of ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine, the face is understandably not considered to be separate from the rest of the body, hence acupuncture needles are also placed in specific locations on the body to support this Cosmetic Procedure.

Treatment Protocol

Each course of treatment is administered as follows:

  • twice per week for five weeks
  • total of ten treatments(10)
  • it is followed by a regimen of two treatments every six months

Please note: This is "NOT" a replacement for Cosmetic Surgery, thus the results "MUST NOT" be compared to a Surgical Procedure. However, it is an excellent alternative. It is safe, the cost is a fraction of a Surgical Procedure, virtually painless, free of negative side effects and unlike Cosmetic Surgery, benefit’s the health of the skin.

What you can expect from a treatment ?

Prior to commencing treatment, you will be evaluated to determine the best treatment option for you. This evaluation will include your Medical history, prescribed drugs, allergies etc. A nutritional and lifestyle review will be conducted and suggestions will be made to provide you optimal results. Once this initial evaluation is completed your Certified Acupuncturist will begin inserting acupuncture needles. All needles come pre-packaged and sterilized and are disposed of after each treatment.

Specialized acupuncture needles are placed in specific points to stimulate the appropriate acupuncture meridians (pathways) on the face and body. The acupuncture needles are left in place for up to 30 minutes then removed and discarded.


Cosmetic Acupuncture is not usually suitable for people who have:

  • hemophilia
  • pituitary disorders
  • high blood pressure
  • some heart disorders
  • migraine headaches
  • diabetes mellitus
  • cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, epilepsy
  • individuals who have a pacemaker
  • individuals who suffer from excessive bruising or bleeding
  • people with a lot of broken capillaries on the face
  • pregnancy

Side Effects:

Unlike surgical procedures, there is no risk of disfigurement or trauma from Cosmetic Acupuncture.

  • bruising may occur
  • puffiness
  • headaches

Some redness can be evident due to the increase in local blood circulation. This lasts only a few hours and then disappears.

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